Lying at the crossroads of shipping routes that lead to and from Eastern Mediterranean, Kythera has not been subjected to vigorous tourist development and as a result it has preserved its unique and picturesque character. It is an ideal destination for those who are naturists, want to feel spiritual peacefulness and to discover a pure hidden paradise.


Clean beaches, the blue colour of the vast sea at the meeting point of three seas, Ioanian, Aegean and Cretan, the caves , the springs, the beautiful walking routes through lush vegetation, the big variety of herbs and wildflowers where in the spring the island fills with wonderful smells and colours entice an even increased amount of annual visitors, not just in the summer but also in autumn and spring.



The mild climate and varied landscape which combines the beauty of the sea and important cultural sights such as castles, monasteries, ancient ruins and natural beauties and the lovely villages provides a measure of today's Kythera and its remarkable character.



Kythera offers you an exciting experience through a network of beautiful trails with varying degrees of difficulty for beginners up to experienced hikers/bikers.


In case you are interested, we offer this kind of services and would be delighted to discuss and organize with you in detail such an activity which will remain unforgettable.



We will be glad to invite you to visit our hotel so you can explore by yourself the nature of our Island.




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